In 1936 Louis Rondot Senior with Sam Singer set up the Company FRANCONYX to import products from the USA for the French Textile and Glass Container Industries.

In 1947 Albert RONDOT entered the Company. He managed and grew the business in the Textile Industry whilst maintaining the activity in the Glass Industry. Louis Rondot Senior acquired the majority ownership in 1966.

In 1971 Louis Rondot joined the company and became PDG/CEO in 1986.  Whilst maintaining the Textile Industry activity, Louis Rondot Jr found his home in the Glass Container Industry, which has been the main activity for more than 30 years.

In July 2016 Groupe RONDOT joined by IS Engineering formed RISE GROUP. Louis Rondot handed over Chief Executive role of RISE Group to Carlo Mobayed, owner of IS Engineering AG, with 25-year experience in the glass industry.

Mr. Frederic Nio was appointed General Manager of A & L Rondot.

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