GR2 Gmbh

GR² GmbH has specialised on quality products and technically innovative solutions for the container glass industry.

In addition to the RISE Group products of the affiliate companies (e.g. Graphoidal Ltd., Sheppee Ltd., Rondot SAS and Sonicam SAS) GR² also offers quality products of renowned suppliers to the glass industry like  Pennine Industrial Ltd. and Parkinson Spencer Refractories. GR² ‘s product range is supplemented with its own product innovations and custom specials designed in close cooperation with customers.
For the service of our customers we  GR²’s experienced Technical Sales Engineers are servicing the customers and are always keen to visit them and discuss their projects and technical requirements.



Gr² GmbH
Wiilhelm von Siemens Strasse 12-14
12277 Berlin
Tel.: +49-30-7809 7720
Fax: +49-30-7809 7715